Fragile goods in safe hands

Statues, cakes, glass, stoneware and flowers, wine, antiques and architectural pieces – we’ve moved them all.

It can be a nervous time sending your delicate items to their final destination, but with a dedicated courier, used to dealing with such consignments, you take the risk out of your deliveries.

If we’re collecting remotely on your behalf, we’ll check your breakable items are wrapped and protected well enough for transit before we attempt to move them. They’ll be strapped down in our vans and we’ll use appropriate equipment to move them too.

Precious and expensive items receive the same treatment too. From Dancing shoes for Strictly to Cricket bats and giant Rugby balls for their respective world cups, even Ed Milliband’s tombstone (do you remember that?) we’ve been trusted with some very important parcels (VIPs) indeed!

All our vehicles are tracked, giving you the reassurance that we know where your goods are from the moment of collection to the moment of delivery.

POD’s are provided on request so you know who signed for them, and they have arrived safe and sound.

Next time you have items that need extra care and tlc when in transit, call us to book your dedicated vehicle driven by our careful, respectful drivers. Peace of mind is priceless isn’t it!